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History at Doveridge Primary School develops curiosity, critical thinking and an appreciation of the complexities of people’s lives in the past.

Our work is underpinned by our school vision where ‘Together we will succeed to be the best we can be’ and this is at the heart of every aspect of school life.

The children will be taught the importance of evidence and how it shapes our understanding of historical events. They will ask and answer questions about the causes of change and over time, they will develop a sense of chronology and of the diversity of past societies. We will take every opportunity to bring our historical learning to life with visiting actors, experience days and trips.



Our teaching staff use a variety of teaching and learning styles in their history lessons to develop pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding in history.


We believe children learn best when:

  • They have access to, and are able to handle artefacts
  • They go on visits to museums and places of interest
  • They have access to secondary sources such as books and photographs
  • Visitors talk about personal experiences of the past
  • They listen to and interact with stories from the past
  • They undertake fieldwork by interviewing family and older friends about changes in their own and other people’s lives
  • They use drama and dance to act out historical events
  • They are shown, or use independently, resources from the internet and videos
  • They are able to use non-fiction books for research
  • They are provided with opportunities to work independently or collaboratively, to ask as well as answer historical questions.


We recognise that there are children of differing abilities in all our mixed age classes, and so we provide suitable learning opportunities for all children. We achieve this through a range of strategies which are differentiated by expected outcome and support from peers or adults.


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