Doveridge Primary School

What is Internet Safety?


Internet safety involves protecting oneself from potential risks online. An understanding of the harms of the internet means we’re less likely to jeopardise our own personal information or well-being. Adopting internet safety measures means we can enjoy the internet without putting ourselves at risk.

Any device capable of connecting to the internet requires that we take internet safety measures.


Why is children's Internet Safety important?


The internet can be a positive space that helps us connect with others and discover information. However, just like our day-to-day activities in the real world, what we do on the internet carries some level of risk.

However, the potential risks and dangers on the internet can often be more difficult to spot. This is because some internet users can pretend to be a different person or organisation in order to gain personal information or data. What’s more, our internet usage is ever-increasing, and more and more of our information is stored and exchanged online. This opens us up to more potential risks, so children's internet safety is more important now than ever.

Internet safety for children is especially important, because they increasingly use the internet to study, socialise, and more. In fact, a report from Ofcom says that 59% of children aged 5-7 use messaging sites and apps, and 33% have their own profile on a social media site. For any child using smart devices, it’s important that they understand the risks involved, and it’s our duty to teach good conduct and internet safety for kids.

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