Doveridge Primary School

Language and Literacy

Spoken language: speaking, listening and responding

These skills are at the core of our curriculum and pupils are encouraged to listen and learn from sharing ideas with others. Talk partners are used throughout the school, together with a range of planned learning opportunities that encourage pupils to explore language e.g. role play, show and tell, circle time, drama, group discussions, class galleries/reflection times, debating and hot seating.

As language and communication skills are so essential, we ensure that pupils are given the best opportunities and support from the moment they join us. Within everyday teaching, we use a range of resources and teaching approaches to support communication e.g. introducing and modelling key vocabulary, repetition of spoken language, language rich play, visual cues, work banks and higher order questioning.

Some pupils in Reception and Year 1 take part in NELI (Nuffield Early Language Intervention) which has been found to improve children's language and early literacy skills and we also work very closely with the Speech and Language Therapist to support those children that require additional support.


Nuffield Early Language Intervention Programme. 

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